Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Exhibit domain knowledge to analyze, design, develop and evaluate the effective Computer software systems with an insight into system integration and implementation.
  • Demonstrate Self-learning skills and adapt to ever-changing IT industries requirements through improvement in professional competence level and practice of advanced skills.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and ethics with effective communication in organizing and maintaining a team of professionals and work towards the fulfillment of organizational goals by meticulously following the honor code.
  • Graduates should technically competent and continuously update themselves to solve Engineering Problems related to societal needs.
  • Demonstrate the commitment towards the profession as a full stake IT Engineer by developing innovative models and well-integrated solutions to multi-disciplinary organizations

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) 

  • Demonstrate, design and develop good programming skills in web design, algorithms, database applications, networks, security and graphics projects using efficient data structure.
  • Analyze the large volume of data and find the solutions to store in the cloud environment using open source tools.
  • Understand the principles, architecture and performance of the hardware and software aspects of computer systems.
  • Apply the standard practices, prototype reusable, and strategies in software engineering to perform tasks related to modelling, development solutions for scientific and business application.