The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading National Professional non-profit making Society for the Technical Education System in our country with the motto of Career Development of Teachers and Personality Development of Students and overall development of our Technical Education System.


Our Institute has joined as Institutional member of ISTE in the year 2014. At present our institute has a very large and an effective membership base consisting of more than 100 life members and 1651 student members. RIT-ISTE Faculty and Student Chapter was inaugurated by Dr.Raghu.V.Prakash, Professor, IIT Madras on 20.02.2015.


The major objective of the ISTE is to provide quality training programmes to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of activity and to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry and other organisations.

Benefit of ISTE Membership

  • Member of a National Professional Organization.
  • Joined an academic Fraternity of over 45,000 strong professional.
  • Preference to attend short-term training programme for the academic excellence and to become eligible for career advancement opportunities.
  • Many more publications for Self Development, Institution Development,etc. (at Concessional rates).
  • Eligible to participate in Chapter level, Section level and National level Conferences, Workshops and other activities of your academic interest etc.

Code of Conduct for ISTE Members

  • Members should at all times preserve the dignity and interest of the profession and of the Society by maintaining a high standard of professional and personal conduct;
  • They should work in the best interest of the Society;
  • They should neither engage in personal advertisement, nor canvas for an appointment, nor take any action which is detrimental to sister Institutions;
  • They should at all times endeavour to establish and maintain the best possible conditions of service for their colleagues and other staff;
  • When a Member represents the Society, he should as far as possible state the policy of the Society. If he has any disagreement with a policy of the Society, he may so inform the Society. The Executive Council will then decide the further course of action (including the question of the Societys representation) that is to be taken.
  • Where, having regard to this Code of Conduct a Member wishes to make a complaint against another Member of the Society, he should do so in writing to the Executive Council. If the Executive Council is of the opinion that prima-facie case of infringement of the Code of Conduct has been established it will appoint a Committee for investigation. On the basis of the report of the Committee, the Executive Council will take a final decision on the matter.


RIT-ISTE Faculty Chapter

Faculty Chairman: Dr.L.Ganesan, Principal

Faculty Vice Chairman: Dr.S.Rajakarunakaran, Professor/Mechanical

Faculty Secretary: Dr.S.Kannan, Professor/EEE

Faculty Coordinator: Dr.B.Deepa Lakshmi, ASP/ECE


RIT-ISTE Student Chapter

Faculty Chairman : Dr.K.Vijayalakshmi, Professor/CSE
Faculty Secretary : Dr.P.Sureshkumar ASP/Mechanical
Faculty Coordinator : Mr.T.Chockalingam, AP/Civil
Student Secretary : Mr.M.Surya, III Year CSE
Mr. Siranjeevi, III Year Mech.
Joint Secretary : Ms.Muthurani, III Year CSE
Representatives : Mr.Muthukumar V, III Year Civil,
Ms.Meenaa Bharathi S, II Year Civil
Mr.SuryaKumar S II Year CSE
Mr.Sukin M III Year CSE
Mr.Balasaraswathi S IV Year CSE
Mr.Gnana Prakash P, III Year EEE
Ms.Rohini M,II year EEE
Mr.S.Srikarthick, IV Year ECE
Ms.S.G.Udhaya, III Year ECE
Mr.B.Madhav, II Year ECE
Mr.Surya prasad.S, III Year Mech.
Mr.Asim Ahmed.I, III Year Mech.
Mr.Boothalingam Pillai, III Year Mech.
Mr.Karthick @ Siva, IV Year Mech.

Events Organised during 2021-2022

SI.No. Name of Activity Date of Activity conducted No.of Days Report No.of participant benefited View / Report
Rubik's cube Competition 15.09.2021 01 15

Domain Based Technical Quiz 18.09.2021 01 25

Domain-Based Technical Quiz - Electrical 18.09.2021 01 38

Research trends in solar application:Lab Visit 22.10.2021 01 33

Domain Based Technical QUIZ "MECHATRONICS" 12.11.2021 to 14.11.2021 03 18

MOCK INTERVIEW 19.11.2021 01 05

Workshop on Industrial Applications of IoT: Smart Cars and Home Automation 26.03.2022 01 59

Workshop on LabVIEW Programming 26.03.2022 01 14

Hands on Session on Image Processing Using Machine Learning in MATLAB 26.03.2022 01 70

Hands on session on "Antenna Design" 26.03.2022 01 37

Events Organised during 2020-2021

SI.No. Name of the Event Date Resource Persons Co-ordinators Participants/
View / Report
FDP on Role of Faculty in Challenging Situation 26.07.2020
Mr.N.Lakshmi Narasimhan,
General Manager(HR),
M/s.Brakes India Ltd., Chennai
Dr.B.Deepa Lakshmi, ASCP/ECE,  Ms.K.B.Uthra, Asst. TPO
Faculty Members
of RIT

STTP on Hands-on Training: Virtual Laboratory 03.08.2020 to 08.08.2020
Faculty Members of RIT
Mrs.D.Darling Helen Lydia, AP/Civil
Mrs.B.Vijayalakshmi, AP(SG)/CSE
Mr.C.A.Yogaraja, AP/CSE
Mr. K.Vignesh Saravanan, AP/CSE
Mr. S. Meenakshi Sundaravel, AP(SG)/EEE
Mr. A. S. Vigneshwar,
Mr.B.Kannan, AP(SG)/ECE
Mrs.R.Chitra, AP/ECE
Mr.J.Jerold John Britto AP(SG)/Mech
Mr.M.Ashok Kumar AP(SG)/Mech
Mr.G.Prabu ram AP(SG)/Mech
Dr. N. Revathi, AP (SG)/Chemistry
Dr.P.Thiruramanathan, AP/Physics
Mr.J.Jerold John Britto,AP(SG)/Mech,
Mr.B.Kannan, AP(SG)/ECE
Academicians and
Industry Persons

ISTE Activities

SI.No. Name of Activity Date of Activity conducted No.of Days Report No.of participant benefited View / Report
A Two-Day State Level Workshop on Latex Document Preparation Language 24.01.20- 25.01.20 02 50

A Handson Trainingon Effective Utilization of Interactive Projector 20.03.2020 01 17

ICT Tools for students (Online Workshop) 08.05.20-10.05.20 03 26

Webinar on Projects to Patent 10.05.20- 12.05.20 03 453

Online Course on FUN with Electric Circuits 11.05.20- 13.05.20 03 180

A Fast track webinar on Unavoidable topics in Engineering Thermodynamics 11.05-20- 15.05.20 05 50

Webinar on Secondary Manufacturing Processes 14.05.20 01 93

Webinar on Industrial impact of CAD/CAM 14.05.20 01 250

Webinar on Industry's Expectations from students 15.05.20 01 229

Five day webathon on future topics in Mechanical Engineering (16 events) 18.05.20- 22.05.20 05 212

Technical webinar on Journey in Repair & Rehabilitation of Structures 18.05.20 01 554

Technical webinar on Project Planning 19.05.20 01 554

Technical webinar on Geopolymer-an overview 20.05.20 01 554

Technical webinar on Map creation using advanced technology 21.05.20 01 554

Technical webinar on Earned value management & Project monitoring 22.05.20 01 554

Technical webinar on Latest Trends in Networking Technology 22.05.20 01 165

Technical webinar on Project Management by Primavera 23.05.20 01 554

Webinar on Product Analysis Using ANSYS 23.05.20 01 250

Webinar Series I on Design your future with Engineering Mind and Society contribution in Student life 24.05.20 01 42

Webinar Series 2 on Gate Is a Gateway for New Life 25.05.20 01 60

Technical Webinar on Sustainable Building Materials: Timber and Bamboo 25.05.20 01 1164

Technical Webinar on Study on Radiation shield using Heavy Density concrete 25.05.20 01 1164

Technical Webinar on Sensors and Displays 25.05.20- 26.05.20 02 224

Technical Webinar on High Early Strength of Low and High Modulus of Fiber Reinforced concrete 26.05.20 01 1164

Webinar on Industry 4.0 [IOT/3DP] 26.05.20 01 176

Webinar on Strength of Materials for Mechanical Engineers, an easy approach 26.05.20- 28.05.20 03 12

Technical Webinar on Introduction to finite element analysis 27.05.20 01 1164

Technical Webinar on Water Proofing and Building Repairs 27.05.20 01 1164

Technical Webinar on Industry 4.0 Opportunities and Challenges 27.05.20 01 229

Technical Webinar on Relevance of Blended Cement 28.05.20 01 1164

Technical Webinar on Career Opportunities in Civil Engineering 28.05.20 01 1164

Webinar Series 3: Career In Management Studies 28.05.20 01 25

Technical Webinar on Future of Water Resource Management in India and opportunity post COVID 19 scenario 29.05.20 01 1164

Technical Webinar on Conflict Minerals An E-waste Perspective 30.05.20 01 1164

Technical Webinar on Hardware Development Lifecycle 30.05.20 01 101

Webinar on Industry Needs and Trends 30.05.20 01 82

Interactive session on Academic vs Industry 31.05.20 01 100

Webinar Series on Future IT 4.0 31.05.20 05.05.20 06 117

Webathon on Soft Skill Training 01.06.20- 04.06.20 04 90

Interdisciplinary Webinar Series on True Potential of Green Building 01.06.20 05.06.20 05 378

Interdisciplinary Webinar Series on Energy Audit and Management in Industrial Motors
Interdisciplinary Webinar Series on Digital Transformation
Interdisciplinary Webinar Series on Energy Efficient Lighting
Interdisciplinary Webinar Series on Layman Technique on Design of solar PV system for Home
Technical webathon on Role of AI in Hardware Industries 05.06.20 08.06.20 04 150

Technical webathon on Open source and Digital Transformation
Technical webathon on AI and its Impact in Applications
Technical webathon on Latex and Overleaf -Powerful Tools for writing Research Articles
Webinar on Waste heat recovery with absorption heat transformers and its applications 03.06.20 01 278

Five Day Webinar series on ME8493 Thermal Engineering I A Simplified Approach 04.06.20- 09.06.20 05 20

Webinar series -6 on Preparation Strategy for TNPSC Exams 05.06.20 01 25

Webinar series -7 on - Interactive session on Tricks for Industry Placement 06.06.20 01 92

Webinar on Opportunities for Budding Civil Engineers 06.06.20- 07.06.20 02 82

Online Webinar Industrial Applications For Z & Y Gen Engineers 08.06.20- 10.06.20 03 -

Interdisciplinary Webinar Series - II Overview of IC Fabrication cycle and Basics of Post Silicon Validation 08.06.20 12.06.20 05 378

Interdisciplinary Webinar Series - II Software Qualification as a Career
M Interdisciplinary Webinar Series - II ulti-Level Inverter
Interdisciplinary Webinar Series - II Cyber Security
Interdisciplinary Webinar Series - II Overwise of Radar Signal Processing
Webinar Series- 8 on Be a Job Creator, not a Job Seeker 10.06.20 01 17

Webinar on Applied Ai And Machine Learning Use Cases For Enterprises 13.06.20 01 58

Webinar Series- 9 on Tricks to Tackle TCS Interview 21.06.20 01 100

Workshop on Basic Tools in Photoshop 08.07.20 01 110

Online Webinar on Entrepreneurship and stress management 08.07.20- 10.07.20 03 120

Webinar on Virtual Technical Lecture - A beginners guide to blogging and digital marketing 11.07.20 01 109

Webinar on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners 15.07.20- 17.07.20 03 189

Webinar on Vibration Control of Rotary Machines 18.07.20 01 120

Webinar On Trends In IT Sector To Focus & Learn 19.07.20 01 166

Technical Webinar on Recent Innovations in IT Industry 25.07.20 01 85

Role of Faculty In Challenging Situation 26.07.20 01 75

STTP on Hands on Training : Virtual Laboratory 03.08.20- 08.08.20 07 631

Webinar On Building Smart Automation Design Without Coding 05.08.20- 07.08.20 03 188

General Quiz Competition 08.08.20 & 15.08.20 02 60

Cross Word Puzzle 02.09.20 01 78

Online Webinar Concepts & Applications Of Physics, Chemistry In Technology For School & College Students 05.09.20- 06.09.20 02 121

TOTAL 122 20663

Events Sponsored

  • RIT-ISTE Student Chapter has been sponsored fund for TEAM SPIRTZ for participating in Mega ATV championship 2018 organised by Auto Sports, India.
  • RIT-ISTE Student Chapter has been sponsored fund for RIT-PHOENIX for participating in Electric Solar Vehicle Championship 2018 organised by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers.
  • RIT-ISTE Student Chapter has been sponsored fund for RIT-PHOENIX for participating in Electric Solar Vehicle Championship 2017 organised by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers.

Events Organised

Faculty Professional Development Program on Python Programming

Ramco Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with IE(I) CSE and ISTE Faculty Chapter organized Faculty Professional Development Program on Python Programming for Faculty members of Civil, EEE, ECE and Mechanical department from 05.06.2020 to 19.06.2020. 39 faculty members (Civil-3, ECE-17, EEE-10,Mechanial-9) were attended the programme. Faculty members were taught Python Programming with modern pedagogic techniques like Quizzes, Videos, hand-on-session which helped them to understand the concepts very clearly and also enjoyed the learning. The program were handled and coordinated by the internal faculty members of CSE department under the guidance of Dr.K.Vijayalakshmi, Professor & Head/CSE.

Ramco Institute of Technology in association with RIT ISTE Faculty and Student Chapter and Institutions Innovation Council organized a two-day workshop on LaTeX Document Preparation Language during 24.01.2020-25.01.2020. Fifty students and faculty members in and around Tamil Nadu has participated in this event. Dr.K.Vijayalakshmi, HoD/CSE welcomed the gathering. Mr.S.Valai Ganesh, Assistant Professor/Mechanical Engineering and his team handled the sessions.

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Student Forum has organized the technical event ELEC-FREAKZ on 31.08.2019 for all departments of II, III & IV year Students. 14 teams were participated in the event and finally 2 teams (8 students) were selected as the winners. The Event Co-ordinators are Mr.P.Venkatesh AP/ECE and Mr.D.Lakshmanan, AP/CSE.

RIT-ISTE Student Chapter conducted the event - "Thematic Presentation" for students of all departments on 19.08.2019. 22 students participated. Winners were awarded with certificate and cash prizes.

RIT-ISTE Student Chapter conducted the event - "Fun On" for students of all department on 20.08.2019. 43 students participated. Winners were awarded with certificate and cash prizes.

  • RIT-ISTE Student Chapter conducted a special lecture on Holistic handling of employees on 31.08.17. Dr.R.V.Mahendra Gowda, Principal, RIT, delivered lecture on holistic way of handling employees in work place.
  • RIT-ISTE Student Chapter conducted a workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) awareness for Third and Final year students on 28.01.17. Mr.Thiyagaraja Gupta, Assistant Controller of Patents and Design, Patent Office, Chennai delivered a lecture on importance of patent filling for professional students.
  • RIT-ISTE Student Chapter organised the ISTE-Chapter Level Srinivasa Ramanujan Mathematical Competition 2015-2016. 41 students were participated and two of them qualified for Zone level competition which was held at Kongu Engineering College, Erode.
  • RIT-ISTE organised a special lecture on conceptual design by Dr.Raghu.V.Prakash, Professor, IIT Madras on 20.02.2015.
  • RIT-ISTE Student Chapter organised the ISTE-Chapter Level Srinivasa Ramanujan Mathematical Competition 2014-2015. 45 students were participated and five of them qualified for Zone level competition which was held at MEPCO Engineering College, Sivakasi. Ms.S.Deepika won II Place in Zone level competition.