Sibiah. R

Greetings, my name is Sibiah R, and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology at Ramco Institute of Technology. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my testimonial on the transformative experiences. As Swami Chinmayananda once said, "Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit," and RIT has truly embodied this philosophy. The institution has always been very considerate towards its students, providing them with all the necessary support and guidance to help them thrive academically and personally. Throughout my academic journey, I have acquired a vast array of knowledge and skills that I believe will enable me to achieve great things in my future endeavours. I am truly grateful for the experiences and opportunities that RIT has provided me with, and I look forward to utilizing my education to make a positive impact on the world around me.

Sibiah. R
Department of Information Technology

Valli. M

This is Valli M currently pursuing BTech Information Technology at Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam. I'm very glad to be a part of this Institution. This institution is very unique and provides more opportunities for the students to establish their talents and skills. This institution has more advanced technology machineries and more practical sessions which is very much helpful in enhancing our studies. I wish to specially mention that this institution provides many motivational programs and also skill development training programs which helps each and every student to come out of their boundaries and open up to everyone. It also helps us to build courage and confidence to face outside world. Not only in education our institution also supports us to participate in more cultural and sports events. we have best sports trainers who works hard to pick out the talented ones and make them achieve in various competitions in both institutional and state level competitions. we have efficient and supporting faculties who helps us to perform well to achieve to the excellent

Valli. M,
Department of Information Technology

Divya Sri J. S

This is Divya Sri J S, an Information Technology student at RIT. Ramco Institute of Technology has been a game changer in many students' lives. They make us excel not only in our hard skills but also win our soft skills.
All the Faculties are enriched with tons of knowledge and they make sure that every student acquires the same during their journey at RIT. Placement trainings are given to us from the first semester to make the students get out of the stage fear and excel with excellent communication skills. Subjects are taught both theoretically and practically. Events are conducted by the students through various professional society forums which helps to develop our leadership skills. Life at RIT would be a cherishing one.

Divya Sri J. S,
Department of Information Technology

Mr.R.Kowsiga Gopal

As we were the second batch of student’s intake for RIT (2014), before joining I had a bit of dilemma about quality of education and the facilities that would be provided. But after completing my 4 years of study I'll proudly say that, no other college in the zone will be able to provide a good peaceful ambience, well equipped facilities & laboratories, friendly faculties and above all excellent opportunities for my technical excellence.

During my 3rd year and 4th year we took part in Asia level Electric Solar Vehicle Championship and won first and second runner up position for the two consecutive years. We would not have achieved this great height without the help and guidance of dedicated faculty coordinators, Mechanical department HOD, Principal and mainly the financial support by our management. The knowledge gained from RIT has benefitted me a lot in my career as well as in my personal life.

R.Kowsiga Gopal,
Senior Engineer,
RANE NSK steering systems,
Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014-18)

Mr.R.Ajith Kumar

A well motivating and supporting staff for shaping my future and career. Well-furnished features for learning new ongoing technologies and an experimental place which helped me to explore and survive in my career. The staff's selflessness, compassion, and sacrifice helped me shape and decide my career during failures and success. As a student in the hostel, I enjoyed the amazing advanced facilities provided to me for the development of responsibility and self-reliability. Even though after completion of my education, the consistent support and motivation from the staff uplifted my career.

R.Ajith Kumar
Severn Glocon Valves Pvt. Ltd - Quality Control Engineer, Welding inspector (CSWIP 3.1), and
NDE Engineer (ISO 9712 MT & PT Level II, ASNT SNT TC 1A RT & UT Level II)
Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014-18)

Ms.Keerthana P

This is Keerthana, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Ramco Institute of Technology (2015-2019). My 4 years at RIT has been a series of unforgettable events. RIT has given me the strength to face any sort of events without fear. Be it, giving a speech in front of a group of people or leading a group to get works done, they have given us both.
To be honest, the concepts in books didn't help me to a far extent. Whereas what we did in practical helped me in my career.
The most unforgettable event at RIT would be when we won the Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) runner-up. We felt like we paved way for something good.

Keerthana P
Associate consultant,
Krysalis consultancy services,
Department of Mechanical Engineering (2015-19)


Ist Year Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Team of Megha

Team of Megha,
Ist Year Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Mr.Sachin. S

Sachin. S
Ist Year Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Mrs. Pavithra J

This is Pavithra. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this opportunity to share the best things about our campus with you, and all that it has taught me over the years. I feel like college has more than prepared me for whatever comes next. It has given immense knowledge and skills for each and everyone to get through their carreer options. It played a major role in my promotion to Deputy Manager in SBI in a very short span of time.
And to the faculties, “Thank you for pushing me and supporting me through everything I did. You made me feel like everything was going to work out, and that you were there for everything I needed". Infrastructure of RIT is just awesome which attracts newcomers a lot. Going to Library with friends was one of my favourite thing to do during those days and those are memories to cherish for lifetime:)

Mrs. Pavithra J
Deputy Manager
State Bank of India
Industrial Finance Branch
Batch 2014-2018
Department: Civil Engineering

Mr.Arshathkhan B

Recognize the impact of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others. Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation.They provide a large variety of learning environments and learning spaces.The institution has a clear and explicit sense of its essential values and character.Got a various techniques to build our technical skills, they provide a lot of facilities to improve the communication skills. One thing that is always true is that no matter how much education we have, we never stop learning.They have provided students with quality education and enriching experiences that allows them to develop into well rounded active citizens.
I have got an best video editor award in my college days and that i was still remember, my faculties encouraged me a lot to do that and finally i won that prize. That was the best day of my life. I was very happy and had nothing to worry about.We are very busy with revision test, Unit tests, and semester exams. We have to manage our time well.I really miss my college days. We went to industrial visits at every year. That was an awesome memory that i had till now.The first day of college is always a fresh start full of newness.

Arshathkhan B
Associate, Quality Services
Amazon, Chennai
Batch: 2014-2018


My bachelor degree at RIT in computer science consisted of many projects based evaluation and faculty connect.I am thankful to all the mentors who supported us and corrected us throughout our bachelors. Appointed me as a association student head is memorable one in bachelor degree. The regular interaction with the Placement team also encouraged me to excel in my interview and developing skills that are required for future use.

Mr.Siva M
The Ramco Cements Ltd.,
Alathiyur Works
Batch: 2013-2017

Ms.V Archuna

To begin with, RIT is the only reason for whatever I am today professionally. If I could handle works independently, if I am able to make my leads trust on me for all the important and critical tasks assigned to me, if I could make my supervisors believe I have the potential of doing self learning , it is because of the kind of education RIT has instilled upon me. I am thankful for it as this has been the reason for the growth in my career.
All days at RIT are worthy enough to be a memorable one. My final year deserves to be mentioned . Not only did it give me the feel that we are going to miss such an environment , awesome faculties and the most wonderful friends that I spent my four precious years of life with but it did also give the best project experience with 5 members and 2 faculty coordinators wherein we took up a project under ministry of tribal affairs which would play a vital role in increasing the literacy rate of the nation.

Ms.V Archuna
Analyst Programmer
Ramco Systems, Chennai
Batch: 2014-2018


I am proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge: Ramco Institute of Technology (RIT). As the first batch student, I look back at my time in RIT as a great experience. I was highly elated when I got the admission in Computer Science and Engineering department. As I had always wished to graduate from a place that has cooperative professors, a place with amazing infrastructure, huge library resources, laboratories pertaining to latest technologies and clean, unique campus. The campus has excellent infrastructure and is very beautiful with perfect blend of nature and student friendly amenities. The congenial environment here has given me numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and groom my personality. The college environment provides us a platform where we can develop ourselves uniquely and prove to be an expert in highly competitive world. Academics are in accordance with the latest industry trends. Excellent, experienced and approachable faculty members, friendly administration and extensive practical exposure is the asset of RIT. Being a part of the RIT team, I have acquired many invaluable grooming on employability skill. I want to convey my sincere gratitude to all faculties who has vigorously tried to provide us a better future. I am fortunate to be a part of this great college and I promise to enlighten the society with the flame of knowledge passed down to me from this auspicious place. I enjoyed each and every moment spent in this prestigious institution, I will cherish it throughout my life. Gratitude to my department, faculties and my lovely friends for this beautiful journey.

Ms.Santhiya N
Senior Software Engineer
Aptiv Technical Centre India,
Batch: 2013-2017


Ramco Institute of technology is one of the well-known Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. They train us with more practical knowledge rather than theoretical methodology. Apart from education, RIT encourages Sports, which helped me improve my game. I acquired many technical skills which I am implementing in my work. A big thanks to the management and all professors, friends who supported me during my college time.

Assistant Manager
The Ramco Cements Limited
R.R.Nagar, Virudhunagar
RIT Alumni (Batch 2015 - 2019)
Department: Civil Engineering

Mr.Ram Prasad A

Four great years in RIT. Along with academics, a lot of different activities on campus allowed me to polish my talents and have an overall development. There are various committees that allowed me the opportunity to connect with people and have good work experience. I have learned not just to become a good engineer but a good person. Now I own my construction company. Because of the leadership skills that I developed in RIT which make me to open a company. Those Hostel days were awesome most of the self-discipline activities were I used to learn from there. Good food. Being a sportsman it has given me more pleasure to play for the state matches. Overall it was a good experience.

A. Ram Prasad
Vijayarama Associates
Cheran Managar
RIT Alumni (Batch 2015 – 2019)
Department: Civil Engineering

Mr. Mohamed Mishal Ahmed

RIT is a great place to study. Being a part of this institution is an honor in itself. A plethora of opportunities come your way for you to grab on, help find the real you. So, it’s a promise of great experiences with an excellent faculty team and many events for you to take part in. While you are here, build networks, take chances and compete as if your life is at stake and you will be rewarded with the best!

M.E. Infrastructure Engineering & Management
NITTTR, Chennai
RIT Alumni (Batch 2016 - 2020)
Department: Civil Engineering

Mr.Muthu Vijayakumar R

Curiosity and Creativity are the two major things, that makes a person, a Complete Engineer. Amidst all Engineering colleges, Ramco Institute of Technology stood separate as they do not teach subjects to tutees, rather, feed them with knowledge which empowered and created several Engineers. I am glad to be one among them. Engineering is not about clearing the subjects with good grades; it is the number of skills a person gained to radiate in his career. The Faculties of RIT are proven Engineers, who implant their skills and knowledge in students. RIT encouraged more Extracurricular activities, apart from Engineering. I thank all Professors and my fellow mates who traveled along with me to RIT.

Muthu Vijayakumar R
M.E – Structural Engineering
University of Windsor, Ontario
RIT ALUMNI (2015-2019)


My four years at Ramco Institute of Technology completely changed me both personally and professionally. Not only the awesome physical infrastructures but also the friendly professors who took equal care of us personally and the debates and discussions with them took our knowledge beyond textbooks.

M.Tech CSE
IIT Dhanbad
RIT Alumni (Batch 2013 - 2017)
Department: Computer Science and Engineering


The four years that I spent in RIT will be an unforgettable period in my life. RIT provided me a peaceful environment for learning. The faculties were friendly and helped me a lot to achieve my goal. I learned a lot from my friends and faculty. Finally, I am thankful for all the great things the college has bestowed on me.

Junior Engineer
Chennai division
Southern Railway.
RIT Alumni (Batch 2014 - 2018)
Department: Civil Engineering


The best four years in my life.RIT was the turning point of my life and it was blessed with a calm and pleasing environment. And of course, supportive faculties who have been there to support me in order to improve my studies, career, and personal development. In RIT we have placement training sessions which tend to be very useful in our placement. And I must thank RIT and its faculties for being the reason for pushing me to lead this successful career.

Graduate Engineer Trainee
The Ramco Cements Limited
R.R. Nagar, Virudhunagar
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2016 - 2020)
Department: Civil Engineering

Ms.Loga Ganesh S

Loga Ganesh S
Assistant Engineer
Highways Department, Madurai
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2014 - 2018)
Department - Civil Engineering


“Four great years in RIT, I have learned good lessons in those remarkable pleasant years. Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming! I am a proud Alumni of the prestigious RIT, 2014 - 2018. I always remember those astonishing days which make me enlighten in all situations of my life. Now, I am working as an Assistant Engineer, Tamil Nadu Highways Department, Chennai. I am so much privileged to utter that the fundamentals which I have learned from RIT institution helped me to build myself and also reaching heights. Thank You, RIT! My life in RIT means a lot to me, and I hold them close to my heart.”

Assistant Engineer,
Tamil Nadu Highways Department,


Serenity opens doors to innovation and creativity. Ramco was that serenity-filled platform and offers a doorstep to achieve the goal. Ramco gave me the courage and knowledge to face the world fearlessly. Here I learned to balance my co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The placement cell helps me in my career growth. I give the credits to the faculty members who did not only teach us but also guide as a parent to spark our college life.

RIT - ALUMNI BATCH (2016 - 2020)


My experience with RIT has been fantastic! I wanted to build my career in Civil Engineering and RIT did just that and much more. RIT provided me with ample opportunities to improve my technical as well as professional skills. The campus has got the best in class infrastructure and location for the best institute. The faculty of RIT has been very supportive. They helped me a lot with my technical and professional aspirations to get a job through campus interview as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in The Ramco Cements Limited. I, Heartfully thank my faculties, management, and classmates for leading a successful career.

RIT - ALUMNI BATCH (2014-2018)


My Four years at Ramco Institute of Technology were not only about learning education but also about learning self-knowledge, leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-discipline.
I can now feel that there is good benefit in conducting a lot of technical programmes by our teaching and non-teaching faculties to face the current technical challenges in the civil engineering field. Definitely, the RIT campus will surprise everyone, because of the ultra high-class infrastructure and the very calmest green environment here.
The RAMCO group and RIT, which has provided us with a healthy & quality education and Fraternal faculty members in a peaceful environment. It has played a major role in my life. RIT is a worthiest campus for doing Engineering around Southern Tamilnadu.
Thanks to RIT for bringing these unforgettable experiences.

Graduate Civil Engineer
RIT-Alumni (Batch 2015-2019)
Department: Civil Engineering.

Mr.Shiva Surya Vignesh M N

I personally believe Patience, self discipline, flexibility are the most commendable attributes that a civil engineer can possess. Ramco Institute of technology moulded and sculpted me in a myriad of ways and induced those characteristics in me. Leadership is another main attribute that I personally acquired after my four years with RIT. I got the organize a bunch of events, spoke to the management on behalf of the respective groups etc which embraced the leader in me. Faculties are well qualified, well mannered and always ready to break a sweat when needed. To conclude I'd like to say RIT was a wholesome experience in my life which is too be cherished forever.

Shiva Surya Vignesh M N,
Graduate Civil Engineer, Smythe Contractors,
Waikato, New Zealand.
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2015 - 2019)
Department - Civil Engineering

Mr. Aravindhan S

Ramco institute of technology provided the platform to study, excel, compete and explore my potential. Our faculties always helped me by giving their valueable advices and motivations that drived me to achieve my goal. Even though I'm from Civil engineering, I never missed an opportunity to attend the placement programs from software industries. The Training and Placement department and the English department conducted various technical and communication skill development programs and mock interviews that helped me in cracking the TCS aptitude test and the technical interview. Today, I am fortunate enough to be working in Tata Consultancy Services. I am thankful to Ramco institute of technology for all the support and proud to be a part of RIT Alumni Network.

Aravindhan S
TCS, Chennai. RIT - Alumni (Batch 2015 - 2019)
Department - Civil Engineering.

Ms.Vaishnavi Perumal

RIT is one of the best engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. I am a proud student completed Civil Engineering from RIT. The faculty members of RIT are very cordial and extremely supportive. It is pertinent to mention that the placement cell of RIT provides the students with numerous job opportunities. RIT makes very disciplined and responsible engineers. And it also has extraordinary accommodation faciIities. I am so thankful to RIT.

Vaishnavi Perumal
Wipro Limited,Chennai.
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2015 - 2019)
Department - Civil Engineering


My 4 years in RIT were extremely great and a memory to cherish for lifetime. The dynamic management and the untiring mentors here work restlessly to help students with vast mindset to chase their dreams. Beyond curriculum, students were trained with all essential skills to stand out in the crowd; In that way they were unique.
RIT is the place where little minds find themselves and step into the next quantum of life where life lessons are more stressed along with the curriculum. This helped me to track down my interest and paved the way to conceive my dreams. And the placement cell was immaculate in providing us the best training. The mock interviews which I attended in my college days were so helpful for me to crack my interview with SBI inspite of me being one of the few youngest candidates.In short, it was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of RIT, which groomed me and enlightened my life with skills to prosper in my career.

Probationary Officer (PO-2020)
SBI Agri Commercial branch, Coimbatore.
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2015 - 2019)
Department - Civil Engineering

Ms.Keerthana Arunachalam

My 1361 days in RIT were tremendous and truly a fun ride. This experience had its own taste with a pinch of value, knowledge, discipline, friendship and memories. It was the presentations that made me confident as a speaker, the lectures fed me with knowledge while the labs had practical experiences. At the end of the day, sharing dreams and deep thoughts with my friends and faculties made me think “No matter how hard you work, someone else is working harder. So keep pushing your limits and follow your dreams”.
RIT made me push my limits to the next level, which did not stop with a bachelor's degree. I have pursued my Masters in Construction Management at the University of Auckland. And now working for an Auckland based company as a Graduate Construction Manager. And this will not stop here as the journey continues.
The base was from RIT which makes me a proud alumna.

Keerthana Arunachalam
Graduate Construction Manager
Mazany Limited, Auckland
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2014 - 2018)
Department - Civil Engineering

Ms.R.Siva Ranjini

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my BE CSE from Ramco Institute of Technology. The relationship between faculties and students is very friendly. The four years of my journey with this college cherished me with all the requirements of a good engineer. The way of teaching and practicing were to the satisfaction of a student. The regular hand son practice helped me to grow in my area of interest both professionally and personally. The campus is full of limitless opportunities if you want to discover yourself. I would like to thank RIT & all the faculties and staff for making me a "Better Person".

Siva Ranjini R.
Placed in EmbedUR & TCS,
RIT-Alumni (Batch 2017-2021)
Department of CSE

Srikanth S

Hello! I am a student of RIT and I am pursuing my final year here. It was a great experience spent in RIT for the past three years. We had a very wonderful faculty and they were very cooperative and the campus environment is very positive. The relationship between faculty and students is very cordial which gave us an opportunity to excel in our respective areas. I can strongly say that RIT has changed me into a positive, better, and more self-belief person that can help me in the future. I learned what is leadership and the qualities of a leader from RIT. There was continuous support from the training and placement department, they kept us engaging in placement activities which made me get placed in a good company. It was an ecstatic experience at RIT.

Srikanth S
Ramco Systems,
RIT-Alumni (Batch 2015-2019)
Department of CSE

Vennila A

I was very much happy to share my amazing experience in my college. I was impressed with how my four years of the journey have completed. Still, I remember the first day of college, At that time I don't know RIT makes a turning point in my life. The whole institution provides a major role in my professional journey. The first batch of student of RIT is seemed to be very lucky persons. Staffs and Management give extraordinary support to all the students. Professors are very interactive with every student, they take care of every student in a class. Every semester professors attend many workshops and training, related to subjects they are going to handle in the upcoming semester. Professors are more curious to handle advanced technology. Some professors are more energetic in classrooms, they make the classrooms very active in the last period of the day also. The entire infrastructure of the college environment makes more proud to be RITians. The institute library serves as an ultimate answer to all the queries in terms of a number of books, papers, journals, and helping staff. The innovative projects for each subject provide many opportunities to initiate our own skills. The various tasks are involved to show our talents, Organization of events, attending many events and workshops, managerial skills of students that cannot be learned from academics books. My sincere thanks to all the faculty members, mentors, and friends in RIT for their support and altruism. They have played a very crucial role in shaping my career and prove me right, in selecting RIT over other colleges. I am carrying with me amazing memories of college life and also the kind hearted people who cherish me in tough times. Thank you for making this pleasant journey.

Vennila A
Junior Engineer,
RIT-Alumni (Batch 2013-2017)
Department: CSE

Ponkumaresan G

The exposure Ramco Institute of Technology gave me was something fantastic that I was able to see the various opportunities before me and was able to take clear and correct decisions with the help of eminent faculties present over there. Faculties guided us to learn lot of things beyond the syllabus and encouraged us to apply that knowledge in mini-projects which helps us to show our talents in this competitive world. I have completed some online courses based on the faculties’ guidance which was very useful in the placement process.

Ponkumaresan G
Junior Engineer,
Infoview, Chennai.
RIT-Alumni (Batch 2013-2017)
Department: CSE

Arivarasan K

My four years in Ramco Institute of Technology completely changed me both personally and professionally. Not only the awesome physical infrastructures but also the friendly professors who took equal care of us personally and the debates and discussions with them took our knowledge beyond text books.

Arivarasan K
RIT-Alumni (Batch 2013-2017)
Department: CSE

Lakshmi Priya K

I am proud, as I belong to the very first batch of RIT. The way I was trained by RIT helped me to become a successful employee in one of the top MNC Cognizant. The best thing about the institution is, it trains every student to learn by themselves. By nature I used to learn things by myself, RIT gave me a platform and trained me to increase my ability. It has a well-planned, pre-placement training for all the students. Also, it has an industry-level infrastructure that supports students in their curricular and co-curricular activities, which is highly appreciated by many dignitaries. Technically, I am very strong at my basic technical/industrial knowledge, which helped and will help me to learn any new technology easily. For this, my hearty thanks to every faculty in the Department of CSE, who supported me in many ways.

Lakshmi Priya K
Associate Projects,
Cognizant Technology Solutions,
Chil Sez IT Park,Coimbatore.
RIT-Alumni (Batch 2013-2017)
Department: CSE


I’m Hema from the batch of 2020. During my years at RIT, I had attempted TANCET and I am currently enrolled in M.E Environmental Management at Anna University, CEG.
Civil engineering in RIT was more of project-based learning than rote memorization. The faculty of the department of civil engineering and other departments helped me enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. The faculty showed individual attention and special care in mentoring all the students and supported me to attend the various competitions outside our campus. This not only helped me network with peers from other institutions but also enabled me to improve my survival skills in competitive environments.
I am thankful to all the faculty of RIT who supported and guided me throughout my undergraduate degree. I am happy to be a RITian.

Hema Karthika R (B.E Civil 2016-2020)
M.E Environmental Management (2020-2022)
Anna University, CEG
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2016 - 2020)
Department - Civil Engineering

Mr.Ajay Vignesh

Mr.Ajay Vignesh
2015-2019 Batch

Ms. A. Beena

My days at Ramco Institute of Technology have been the deciding factor behind who I am today. During the four years of pursuing my B.E. degree, I gained strong subject knowledge and received industry-specific training. I personally felt that when I sat for my on-campus interview by FACE, for the role of Associate Trainer, during my final semester. I was able to perform well and meet the company’s expectations. I figured out that this was not an overnight event. All the Faculty Members and Management traveled an extra mile to make this happen. Their patience and passion for teaching made me enjoy what I learned, including the laboratory sessions. Additionally, the Placement Cell made great efforts for our on-campus placements. Overall, I enjoyed every bit of my college days by meeting great teachers, making lifelong friends, and gaining knowledge. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful campus hostel experience which made life easier for me. After graduating from college, I pursued my Master’s Degree from the University of Auckland. My Department offered me a helping hand in processing my Scholarship application form, which helped me grab the scholarship. I was glad that they still cared for me even after leaving the college. No doubt, my college days had a positive impact on my higher studies. Currently, I am hired by an IT firm based in Auckland, as a Graduate Cloud Engineer. I am immensely happy that this happened amidst the prevailing pandemic situation. This was all because of the strong foundation laid during my UG days at Ramco Institute of Technology. I am fortunate to be an alumna of RIT.

A. Beena
Graduate Cloud Engineer,
Parallo Limited, Auckland

V.Punitha Lakshmi

Ramco has given wings to my dreams making me fly out with vibrant colors. They helped me to mould my career in all aspects. Ramco has given me a lot of opportunities to develop my skills. It's been a great pleasure to be a part of this esteemed institution.

Ms.V.Punitha Lakshmi,
TCS, Chennai


My experience at RAMCO college is great and memorable. The Professors helped us to enhance the academic and Interpersonal skills. Classes were held to develop our aptitude. It's been a great pleasure to be a part of this institution.

Ms.S.Ragha (2015-2019 Batch)
Engineering Graduate Trainee,
Ramco Industrial and Technology Services Limited.

J.B.Anu Selvamathi

Having spent the part of my four years in this esteemed institution, I have witnessed a tremendous change in my life may it be on the academic front or even on a personal level. It’s an immense pleasure to count myself as an alumna of Ramco Institute of Technology. The Knowledge and discipline we got from our college is phenomenal which helps us to succeed in all the endeavors.
The campus, surrounded by beautiful greenery provides an ideal platform for growth and improvement leading to the formation of bright young individuals determined to make an impact in the coming future. Every possible care has been taken while designing the infrastructure of the college- spacious classrooms, cafeteria, and a well-stocked library. The laboratories are well equipped with both hardware and software facilities required by the students to perform the necessary experiments designed for their academics. The college organizes various pre-placement programmes for each and every student to crack the jobs- during on and off-campus placements.
The faculty has been supportive and encouraging with full assistance starting from day one, and monitoring our progress in every step. Each faculty being excellent in their respective fields, extended their helping hands to make us excel in our passionate domain beyond academics. Apart from lecture rooms or labs, we could ask for, our mentors and RIT’s vision to enable its student with industry-level capabilities that made the difference. We have an exposure to tremendous events that go on in and out of the college, which helps nurture our talent too. Amazing placement cell that makes sure that every student gets the prerequisite training and knowledge of interviews and prepares us to be bold and confident enough to appear for the placement process and becoming thorough professionals.
In a short span of time, the college has already produced exceptional results and continuous to improve the quality of education it provides with each passing year.
I was encouraged to develop time management skills which are much needed in one's life. The mentors at RIT helped me to enhance my academic and interpersonal skills.
Our journey that made us capable of going that one extra mile can’t be summarized in few words. I owe gratitude to my college for enabling each one of us to believe that we are special and cope up with the ever-evolving global challenges. College is not the destination but it is the way that helps to reach our destination, it’s the right time to start up with Ramco Institute of Technology!

J.B.Anu Selvamathi (ECE - Batch 2014 – 2018)
Systems Engineer,
Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai.

V Archuna

Ms.V Archuna
Analyst Programmer
Ramco Systems, Chennai

Loga Ganesh S

"Being a part of new beginnings is always special and so is my journey as Assistant Engineer in Department of Highways, Govt. of Tamilnadu as it kicked off along with RIT's 2nd batch in 2014. Graduation was just a certificate but a journey that made us capable of going that one extra mile can't be summarized in few words, apart from the spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, wonderful infrastructure, it's our management and faculty members who made us stand unique in this society. RIT plays an important milestone in shaping my career. I owe a huge vote of thanks to my Alma mater for imbibing us with the wisdom of educational pearls and making us tread on the path of success.
The only thing I believe is " There are no shortcuts to success". Work hard and success is yours!!!!"

Loga Ganesh S
Assistant Engineer
Highways Department, Madurai
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2014 - 2018)
Department - Civil Engineering

U. Keerthana

Life at Ramco Institute of Technology promises experiential learning and a rich wholesome experience of the business world.
My journey of four years at RIT has been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to the outside and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. I have established my leadership and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to a whole new augment level.
I had received a lot of opportunities to groom my personality development. The highly profiled faculty team, who provided me immense guidance and support to excel my skills. I feel very delighted to thank my ever-inspiring staff members who helped me to gain outstanding knowledge in my academics through which I got placed in The Ramco Cements Limited, Chennai on the basis of my CGPA. Overall, in nurturing my talents, RIT has polished my skills and added a shine to my future career.

U. Keerthana
Ramco Cements, Chennai
Batch 2016-2020


Batch 2015-2019

Sivaraj R

I am very happy to share the things which I had from our college and also from our department. Our college did great things in conducting special courses and activities except for academics compare to our surrounding colleges. Every semester they have conducted aptitude and communication skills courses with the help of renowned organizations. Our department is also very cooperative to attend the national level competitions like ESVC (Electric solar vehicle championship), Intech Olympiad, etc.. And I haven't seen this many facilities in any other colleges I have visited during my college. Definitely, RIT will give the extreme what an engineering student should have.


Raj Kumar K

It is my pleasure to place on record the wonderful years I had under the auspices of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam. College life is an important phase in a student’s academic journey after the numerous formative years of schooling.
While undergoing graduation, I cherished the feeling of studying at a College, which focused on career enhancements along with overall skill development with the seamless mix of academics and extracurricular activities. The professors are dedicated experts in their respective subjects and are talented, committed, and genuinely caring. We would always be grateful to Ramco Institute of Technology for giving us multi-dimensional learning by providing the apt mix of academics, industry exposure, attitude, placement, and leadership. Ramco Institute of Technology made us focused and the experiences gained during the course of 4 years have contributed to our professional growth as well in the future also.

Prem Kumar P

I had four memorable and productive years at RIT. Both the college and hostel have a wonderful ambiance for learning. The faculty will always be ready to help in any way possible. The infrastructure is well designed in a way to collaborate and learn from interdepartmental disciplines. The college has always been passionate and ambitious towards its goal, vision, and mission.

Test Engineer 2,
Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.

Mohamed Sameer

Ramco Institute of Technology is one of the top colleges in Tamilnadu, where you can enrich your knowledge in your 4 years of studying engineering. The management and the faculty know what is exactly needed to mold the students into professionals. Certification Courses, Personality Development Programs, Guest Lectures, and Industrial visits are some of the key aspects offered by RIT to the students. RIT offered me the complete package that is required for a student to get ready for professional life. I would like to especially thank Class Advisor and EEE department for guiding me and made me a place in Rane NSK. I feel proud to be a RITian.

Mr. Mohamed Sameer,
Rane NSK Steering Systems Private Limited

Siva Chidambaram

I've always dreamt to be an Engineer and Ramco Institute of Technology has been a great contributor to achieve my dream. The infrastructure is one of the finest in the region and is what stands out the most. The modern architecture that stands gigantic among the Western Ghats will astonish your prima facie! peaceful atmosphere, pleasant climate, and blowing wind year-round fills the campus with positive energy, making it the best place for learning.
The professors here make the college what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, not only delivering classroom teachings, but they are also the pillars of the learning gained from my college. I have established my leadership, time management, and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to a whole new augment level. My college is the first step in the development of my skills and personality.
The four years at my college were a reminiscence to cherish. The diverse culture and people around the campus gave me tons of knowledge and lessons in life. Overall, it was a surpassing experience and a lifetime remembrance at Ramco Institute of Technology. So, saddle up and get ready to begin your adventure at Ramco.
Bon Voyage!
Siva Chidambaram

Padmajaya Rekha K

The 4 years of my engineering life at RIT have been enlightening. At every step, I have been fortunate to interact with some very different and motivated set of minds be it my own batch mates, faculty, or other guest professionals. I have been shaped into an independent and tenacious individual only because of them. I am really thankful to RIT.

Padmajaya Rekha K,
Intern Engineer,
AI Design Private Limited

Selvananthini M

This is M.Selvananthini from the CSE department (2015 – 2019 Batch) working in Ramco Cements. I am proud to graduate from one of the best college in South Tami Nadu.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think!” -Albert Einstein

This quote really suits my college. Here they train our minds to face any circumstances. It teaches me to be independent and makes me stronger to fight with my own battle. RIT, they always have an eye over the technology which brings student more beneficial. Also, it makes me serious about my career. The faculty members are so supportive and sweet. They even act as my parents to guide me in critical situations. I loved my time in college days. Ramco has definitely helped me to come out of my shell.

Ramco Cements,

Harini S R

Harini S R
Tata Consultancy Services,

Sujith S

This is SUJITH from RIT (2015-2019) Batch in Civil Engineering. I had worked as Structural design engineer in Bangalore till 2021. Now, I am working in PWD as a Junior Draughting Officer through TNPSC exam. RIT has good Professors and i had improved my technical knowledge in RIT campus itself. So that I had cleared my competitive exam without the help of another coaching institutes. They had guided me even after my college life. I am very proud to be a part of RIT family.

Sujith S
Junior Draughting Officer,
Buildings (C&M) Circle,
Madurai Region
RIT Alumni (Batch 2015 - 2019)
Department : Civil Engineering

Pradeepram V

I am proud to say that I am one of the first batches of students (2013-2017) of Ramco Institute of Technology. When I was in my college, we felt like our college was spoiling our semester vacations, regular periods, and evenings by conducting tests and training programs (they were not included in our CGPA calculations at Anna University). Afterward, we realized that we enjoyed those times and also realized our college not only focused on pass percentages, but they were also intent on making good engineers. As first-batch students, we did not feel that we were not having seniors in providing placement and career-related advice because in our college we had well-experienced faculties from both academic and fieldwork.

Pradeepram V,
The Ramco Cements Ltd.,
Assistant Manager-Civil.
Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh
RIT - Alumni (Batch 2013 - 2017)
Department - Civil Engineering

Ananthi C M

Ramco Institute of Technology has been the most enthralling journey of my life. It has a nature of its own with a very soothing surrounding. The Institute provided a platform for growth and improvement on the academic and even on a personal level. Apart from learning, I had an exposure to tremendous events that goes on in and out of the college that helps nurture our talents also helped me to enhance my interpersonal and communication skills.

Ananthi C M,