About the Department

We are living in a digital era, which is expected to accelerate advancements in information and communication technology. This emergence has posed a great challenge to the instructional system in terms of familiarizing with emerging technologies.

With a view of meeting this challenge, the Department of Information Technology was started at RIT in 2022. Its mission is to transform into a centre of excellence for education and research in information technology by embracing emerging technologies. Through academic excellence, collaborative research, value-added courses, and online learning platforms like NPTEL, Coursera, Edx, and others, the department aims to generate highly skilled and socially conscious information technology professionals.

The Department provides an excellent environment for students to learn and acquire skills required by the industry. The department has experienced faculty members who are completely committed to teaching and research, as well as faculty members who are certified in specialized domains and trained in various platforms such as Infosys Springboard, Kotlin, Microsoft TechSaksham, ZOHO offered Rural Youth Empowerment programme, Digital Marketing, RPA, ISTE AI & ML, Redhat, NPTEL and others.

Along with developing specific skill sets, the department association's programmes and activities seek to shape students into well-rounded individuals capable of solving real-time problems and possessing values such as discipline, truthfulness, genuineness, team spirit and dynamism.