Department of Physics

Facilities (Lab Details)

The Physics laboratory enables the younger minds to practically understand the fundamentals of the theory through vast range of experiments, which are conducted with modern equipments like Diode Laser kit, Fiber optics kit, Spectrometer Prism, Spectrometer Grating, Torsion Pendulum, Young’s Modulus-uniform and non uniform bending, Band-gap determination kit, Ultrasonic Inter-ferometer etc., for a capacity of 30 students at a time, with a aim of making knowledgeable Engineers.

List of Equipment in Physics Laboratory:

  • Lee's Disc Apparatus
  • Air Wedge Apparatus with Travelling Microscope
  • Spectrometer (with Grating Prism and Accessories)
  • Diode Laser and He-Ne Laser
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • B-H Curve Traces Apparatus
  • Torsional Pendulum
  • Non-Uniform Bending Apparatus
  • Viscosity (Poiseuille’s flow) Apparatus
  • Band Gap / Post Office Box
  • Carey Foster’s Bridge