Science Club

The science club is initiated in RIT with the aim of arousing and cultivating students interest in learning science. It was formally inaugurated on 16th November, 2013 by Dr. D. Sridharan, Professor & Additional Director, Centre for Faculty Development, Anna University, Chennai.

Science Club has been organizing a science project exhibition on 28th of February of every year since 2014. It has also organized events such as paper presentation, essay writing, memory challenge, science solitaire, fix it, group discussion and multimedia presentation. Scientists and Professors from various institutions are invited periodically to deliver guest lectures and expert talks.

During the Science Day Celebrations on 28th February, 2018 RIT Science Club conducted a quiz programme, Exploring NEET for the school children, to create awareness about NEET Medical Entrance Exam. Children from Virudhunagar district and the nearby districts actively participated and benefitted.