RIT AI Research

We have signed an agreement with Bennett University as a Lead Zonal Partner for increasing the knowledge pool in the High end technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning in India. Prof.Deepak Garg, Bennett University, Noida has received funds from Royal Academy of UK, University College of London, NVIDIA, Amazon for the research Initiative titled “Making Deep Learning and AI skills mainstream in India to fulfill trilateral needs of entrepreneurship, Industry academia partnership and application-inspired Engineering Research”. As the lead zonal partner of this research project, we have collaborated with Bennett University for the completion of the project by disseminating knowledge in AI and Deep Learning. This collaborated research initiative will help our faculty members and students to enhance their practical skills in the areas of AI, Deep Learning by utilising the super computing capabilities available in Bennett University and get mentorship from International Institutes and Corporates for doing projects. Under this Initiative Our Institute is planning and organizing events like conferences, workshops, lectures supported and funded by Bennett University for dissemination of knowledge and practical skills to faculty members and students.

The abstract benefits of received by Our Institute as a Lead Zonal Partner is outlined below:

1.Five faculty members trained in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

2.Two faculty members can get sabbaticals to work in NVIDIA-Deep Learning Institute at Bennett University

3.Five Member Research Groups (Faculty members and Students) has been setup in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and receiving mentorship from NVIDIA-Bennett Research Lab.

4.Students can be provided with Industry projects with Technical Support from Bennett University, NVIDIA, Amazon etc.

5.Students will get Summer Internship at NVIDIA-Deep Learning Institute.

6.More Elective and Audit Courses are framed in the areas of AI, Deep Learning

7.Events can be organized in our Institute in the areas of AI,Deep Learning with Manpower support from Bennett University

8.Students and Faculty members will receive Amazon AWS cloud credits for completion of the projects.

Our Institute has decided to work in the area of Video Processing and likely to deliver a product for Vehicle Classification using Deep learning Neural Networks. We have also invited nearby colleges to become basic partners under over hood to utilise the above benefits at free of cost and thereby we are contributing to achieve the overall objectives of this initiative.

List of Faculty members of AI Research Group (Inter-disciplinary) in our Institute

Sl. No Name of the Faculty Member Designation Email Id
R.Balaji Ganesh Lead Person(SPoC) Asst. Professor (Sr.G.), CSE balajiganesh@ritrjpm.ac.in
R.Venkatesh Asst. Professor (Sr.G.), CSE venkatesh@ritrjpm.ac.in
Dr.K.Karthikeyan Asst. Professor (Sr.G.), EEE karthikeyank@ritrjpm.ac.in
T.Ramprakash Asst. Professor, ECE ramprakasht@ritrjpm.ac.in
S.Valai Ganesh Asst. Professor, Mech valaiganesh@ritrjpm.ac.in

Further details about the research initiative can be obtained in : https://leadingindia.ai