Eco Club has been started in the aim of spread awareness about environmental pollution and to reduce pollution in the campus. The club is used to conduct guest lectures, competitions for spreading messages concerning environment and awareness. The club is used to prepare and organize students participation for preservation and conservation of environment. In this club, we have organized guest lecture, tree planation, nature walk programme and various events such as painting, poster making, poem writing etc.,. We have prepared an inventory of 26 butterflies, 36 birds, 10 lizards and 10 insects by the event of bird watching and butterflying. It was noted that the Worlds second largest butterfly, Goliath Birdwing is available in our campus. The program on Wildlife Films Filmography was organized by the Eco Club.

Faculty Coordinator:  Dr. N. Revathi, Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) / Chemistry 

Academic Year 2019-2020



  1. President S. Shriram IV Mechanical Engineering
  2. Vice President S. Santhosh II Mechanical Engineering 'B'


  1. Gowsalya III Civil Engineering
  2. Varsha III CSE
  3. Aarthi II ECE 'A'
  4. Shanthini III EEE
  5. Muthuaruna I CSE



The Inaugural Function of Eco Club was organized on 06.09.2018 (Thursday) at 4.00 pm in Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam. The function was organized by the Chief Guest Mrs. Takako Sato, Program Manager, NGO Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund, Japan. She delivered a lecture on the topic Conservation of Endangered Species.


The program on Wildlife Films Filmography was organized on 10.09.18 (Monday) at 10.00 am in our college by Eco Club and RIT-Photography Club. The function was organized by the Chief Guest Mr. S. Nallamuthu, Eminent Wildlife Cinematographer, Director and Producer. He delivered the lecture about the filmography. He displayed Tiger Queen film which is directed by him.


Engineers Day was celebrated on 15.09.2018 to commemorate the birth day of the legendary Engineer Sir M. Visvesvaraya in our college. An event Painting on Greener Technological India was organized for first-year students.


On behalf of the Eco Club, an event called LET THE COLOUR SPEAK has been arranged and conducted by the club co-ordinator and student representatives in chemistry laboratory. School students from Virudhunagar and Tirunelveli districts participated in the event and submitted their posters. Dr. P. Arujunan, M.B.B.S. Psycatrist, Seithur has given a motivational lecture to all the school students and encouraged the students to use eco-club as a medium to express their mind and creativity and enhance their talent with the objective of empowering the engineering students to use their knowledge of technology.


National Science day was celebrated on 28th February 2018 in our college campus to pay our respects to Sir C. V. Raman, who carried out ground-breaking work in the field of light scattering, which earned him the 1930 Noble Prize for physics. Science day was celebrated this year with the theme of our country Science and Technology for a sustainable Future. An event model making on Ever Green India was organized for first year students.


Valedictory function of Extra-curricular activities organized on 12.03.2019 from 5.00 pm - 6.30 pm in ECE seminar hall. All the club members and coordinators participated. Principal, Vice-principal and coordinator of extra-curricular activities attended the function.



Tree plantation Programme organized at Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School, Srivilliputhur by Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam on 04.07.2019. Faculty members and staff members from various departments are involved in the programme. They are actively planted 95 saplings in the school ground.


As per the letter received from AICTE dated 02.08.2019, a plastic waste-free campaign was conducted in our college premises from 11.08.2019 to 27.10.2019. As part of the campaign, awareness on hazards of single-use plastics was given to the Canteen Manager and workers. An oath to completely avoid single-use plastics has been taken. Already our college follows green policy and therefore plastic usage is very minimal. Dr. N. Revathi, Coordinator of Eco Club and Dr. O.Senthil Kumar, Coordinator of Science Club and Mr. K. Karpagavel, NSS program officer had a detailed meeting with the canteen manager and workers and urged them to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Further, an awareness regarding reducing the use of plastics was created in Boys and Girls hostel with the help of our DGM (Admin). As a result, our hostel is emerging as plastic-free zones. In addition to this, a Debate Competition on the topic Is Plastic age a bane or boon? was coordinated by M. Athith of I year Mechanical Engineering on 30.10.2019.

A Digital literature survey and review on Methods of reducing plastic waste" was also coordinated by Soumya Souvik Khuntia of I year Mechanical Engineering on 30.10.2019. All students have taken a pledge to avoid using plastics and also resolved to create awareness in their surroundings about hazards of plastic usage and advise them to desist using non reusable plastics.


Ramco Institute of Technology, inaugurated various extracurricular activities club which includes Elite English Learners Club, RIT Photography Club, Tamil Mandram, Eco Club, Science Club, Fine Arts Club, Maths Club, Centre for Women Welfare and Safety Progress and NSS,YRC for the academic year 2019 - 2020 at the institute premises on 09 August 2019. The chief guest of the evening was Mrs. Kavitha Jawahar, a renowned speaker in Tamilnadu. She addresses the gathering on various issues faced by the students nowadays. Her speech was engaging and informative to the students.


The Eco Club of Ramco Institute of Technology conducted Bird Watching & Butterflying Event on 18.08.2019 at 7.30 am under the guidance of Mr. T. S. Subramaniya Raja, Wildlife lover, Visionary and Special Conservation Awardee. Mr. T. S. Subramaniya Raja explained the importance of improving the campus bio-diversity by taking stock of the different species of birds and butterflies.


Ramco Institute of Technology organized a one-day fun event for school students FUNRITZ192.0 on 27.08.2019. 500 school students from Virudhunagar and Tirunelveli districts participated actively. The Inaugural Address was given by the Principal Dr. L. Ganesan. The Special Address was given by the Vice-Principal and Head of Mechanical Engineering Dr. S. Raja Karunakaran. The entire program was directed by the Extra-curricular Activities Co-ordinator and the Head of Mathematics Department Dr. K. Basarikodi. On behalf of Eco club, poem writing on in Tamil and English organized for school students.


The Eco Club of Ramco Institute of Technology conducted Bird Watching & Butterflying Event on 29.09.2019 at 7.30 am under the guidance of Mr. T. S. Subramaniya Raja, Wildlife lover, Visionary and Special Conservation Awardee. Interested faculty members, nature enthusiasts working in different fields, volunteers and students of the college actively undertook a survey of the living species in the campus. They prepared an inventory of 26 butterflies, 36 birds, 10 lizards and 10 insects.


As per the directions received from the AICTE, awareness regarding Main Hoon Bharat Campaign was created among our students and a special lecture cum presentation on the topic Awareness on Reducing Plastic Waste by K. Bharath of I year Mechanical Engineering was organised on 30.10.2019 at 04.00 PM. In his talk, he highlighted the importance of preserving the nature and also listed the top pollutants that are plaguing the environment. He added that burning of plastics has become a menace and the smoke generated has carcinogenic properties which are highly detrimental to the health of children and the general public. He urged the audience to take responsibility and reduce using plastics and use alternate solutions. He also asked the budding engineers to come up with innovative ideas and create alternate products that can be used instead of plastics. At the end of the programme, Allegiance to India Pledge was administered for all attendees.


As per the direction received from AICTE, One Student One Tree Campaign conducted in our college on 09.11.2019 at 04.00 PM to promote a green and healty environment. In this regard, a tree plantation drive has been arranged. Students were intersted to participate in this programme and planted 50 tress in our campus.


The NSS, YRC, NSO and Eco Club of Ramco Institute of Technology, in association with Indian Oil Corporation Limited, conducted a Walkathon on 02.02.2020 in Rajapalayam to create awareness about fuel conservation and the importance walking. They started their walk from Annapparaja Hr. Sec. School and passed by the Cotton Market, Railway Station, Gandhi Statue, Taluk office and walked back to Annapparaja Hr. Sec. School. Approximately 65 students participated in this event.

Eco club was started in the year 2014 and we carried out activities like tree plantation, blood donation camp, campus cleaning, medical camp along with NSS volunteers.