To be recognized nationally for its quality education, research and extension programmes in Mechanical Engineering.



The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers an excellent teaching-learning environment with modern state-of-the-art facilities and well-experienced faculty members with expertise over a wide range of domain specialization. At present, it offers undergraduate programme, B.E. in Mechanical Engineering with a sanctioned intake of 120 students. The Department aims to attain excellence in academic teaching and learning, research and extension activities. The areas of research focus include design, manufacturing, materials and thermal engineering.

The Department emphasises on modern laboratories to cater the needs of academic and research activities. It is well equipped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software. The Department constantly facilitates students from other departments of the Institute as a gesture of support to their academic, co-curricular and research desires.

The Department has an active students’ technical association namely “Mechanizo”. It disseminates knowledge through various activities like special lectures/workshops/seminars/conference, competitions, technical quiz by eminent practitioners of the profession. Regular industrial visits/training to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge are arranged. The Department involves in value added courses and international certification programmes in association with leading training providers in the areas of drafting, modelling, simulation and analysis of engineering systems during semester holidays. The faculty members consistently interact with technical societies, to promote innovation and enrich the knowledge, skill and behaviour ofstudents. The Department encompasses professional associations such as Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE), Institution of Engineers (IE), ISTE chapters, which provides students a platform to acquire various hard and soft skills.

Dr.S.Rajakarunakaran, Professor & Head


Engineering Practices Laboratory is established over an area of 226Sq.m. and provides exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in mechanical engineering. It has Carpentry Shop, Fitting Shop, Smithy & Foundry Shop, Sheet metal shop, Welding shop equipped with the facilities such as High Precision ARC Welding Transformer, Centre Lathe, Gas Welding & Cutting Set, Bench Grinder, Hand Shearing Machine, Brazing Machine.


The Manufacturing Technologylaboratoryhas established over an area of 210 Sq.m and equipped with Center Lathe, Heavy Duty Shaping Machine, Radial Drilling Machine,Surface Grinding Machine,Tool& Cutter Grinder Machine,Universal MillingMachine, Vertical Milling Machine,Gear Hobbing Machine,Cylindrical Grinding Machine,Turret Lathe,Capstan Lathe,Horizontal Milling Machine,Lathe and Milling Tool Dynamometer,Gear Shaping Machine,Centreless Grinding Machine.


The Thermal Engineering laboratory has established over an area of 274 Sq.m andfully equipped with Four Stroke Diesel Engines(Mechanical Loading, Electrical Loading and Eddy Current Loading), Apparatus for Flash & Fire point, Single Cylinder Petrol Engine with Data Acquisition system, Steam Boiler with Turbine Setup, Reciprocating Air Compressor, Guarded Plate Apparatus, Lagged Pipe Apparatus, Natural Convection-Vertical Cylinder Apparatus, Forced Convection Inside Tube Apparatus, Composite Wall Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder Apparatus, Pin-Fin Apparatus,Stefan-Boltzmann Apparatus, Emissivity Measurement Apparatus, Parallel/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus, Refrigeration TestRig and Air-Conditioning Test Rig.


The Dynamics Laboratory hasestablished over an area of 152 Sq.m andequipped with Cam Follower Setup, Motorized Gyroscope, Governor- Watts,Porter,Proelland Hartnell Whirling of Shaft, Dynamics Balancing Machine, Two Rotor Vibration Setup, Spring Mass Vibration System, Torsional Vibration of Single Rotor and Double Rotor System Setup, Gear Models:Spur,Helical, Bevel and Worm Gear, Four Bar Mechanism (Crank Rocker,Double Crank,Double Rocker Mechanism),Slider Crank Mechanisms, Oscillating Cylinder Mechanisms, Turn Table Apparatus, Transverse Vibration Setup of – Cantilever, Free-Free Beam, Simply Supported Beam, Flywheel Axel System, Gear Trains (Simple,Compound,Epicylic,Differential),Kinematics of Universal Joints (Single Universal Joints, Double Universal Joints),Bifilar Suspension System, Compound Pendulum, Vibration Absorber, Spring Mass System-(Single Degree and Multi Degree Freedom) Undamped and Damped Vibration, Balancing Rotating Masses, Balancing Reciprocating Masses and Vibrating Table.


The Metrology and Measurement Laboratory has established over an area of 80 Sq.m andfamiliarise the students with different sophisticated measurement equipment/instruments such as Coordinate Measuring Machine, Surface Finish Measuring Equipment, Tool Makers Microscope, Profile Projector, Vibration Measuring Setup, Vernier Calliper, Vernier Height Gauge, Vernier Depth Gauge, Slip Gauge Set Gear Tooth Vernier, Sine Bar, Floating Carriage Micrometre, Mechanical Comparator, Electrical Comparator, Pneumatic Comparator, Autocollimator, Temperature Measuring Setup, Force Measuring Setup, Torque Measuring Setup, Bore Gauge, Telescope Gauge, Bevel Protractor, Displacement Measuring Setup, Micrometre and Sine Centre.


The department has a well-established Mechatronics Laboratory over an area of 157 Sq.m. This laboratory has established with an objective to gain practical experience in automation field. Mechatronics Lab has equipped with 21 high end latest Configuration Computer Systems. Mechatronics lab is equipped with Pneumatic trainer kits along with Electro Pneumatic, PLC (supplied by FESTO India), Basic Hydraulic Trainer kit (HYTECH Pune), Pressure, Temperature and Flow type transducers, 8085 microprocessor kits, 8051 microcontroller kits with stepper motor interface, traffic light interface, DC motor interfaces, image processing setup and printer. The Software available in Mechatronics lab is FLUIDSIM 5 (Pneumatics), FLUIDSIM 5 (Hydraulics), Codesys V2.3, Sudosu and CIROS software’s. Also, the Laboratory facilitate the students to do simulation based experiments assignment and their projects with the aid of Easy Port Trainer Kit and CIROS simulation software packages.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has established Simulation and Analysis Laboratory over an area of 230Sq.m. It has equipped with 20 systems of workstation configuration. The Software available in this laboratory are Autodesk Complete products (AutoCAD 2016®, Inventor 2016®), Pro/Engineer CREO 3.0® (500 users), EdgeCAM R2016® (20 Users), ANSYS ACADEMIC TEACHINIG MECHANICAL & CFD 17.0® (50 users), SIMULIA Academic Teaching Suite 16 ®(50 users - Consist of Abaqus, Isight, Tosca and fe-safe). Also, the Laboratory has MATLAB 2016a® simulation software package which facilitates the students to do simulation based experiments, assignments and projects.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a well-established CAD/CAM Laboratory over an area of 230Sq.m. This laboratory has established with an objective to gain practical experience in handling 2D drafting and 3D modelling software systems with an exposure to modern control systems in CNC Machines. CAD Lab has equipped with 50 high end latest Configuration Computer Systems.CAM laboratory is equipped with CNC production Lathe, CNC production Milling machine and CADEM Software. CNC - Semi Production Lathe Machine (MTAB Industrial Controller), CNC - Semi Production Milling Machine (MTAB Industrial Controller), 3D Printer, Laser Printer, Scanner, A3 Plotter. The Software available in CAD/CAM lab are AutoCAD (2014), Pro/Engineer (CREO2.0) and EdgeCAM (R2014). Also, the Laboratory has MATLAB simulation software package which facilitates the students to do simulation based experiments, assignments and projects.